Born from the 1973 "Death Dealer" painting, the Death Dealer Battle Axe brings to life a part of Frank Frazetta's incredible work. The imagery depicted in this iconic painting has captivated countless people's imaginations and has helped fuel the fires of imagination for countless more. Each of these axes is individually serial numbered on the neck with the Frazetta signature on the other side. The head of the axe features RMJ Tactical's new Death Dealer Battle Ax Seal as well as the Frazetta Seal of Authenticity.  


  • Model: Death Dealer Battle Axe
  • Length: Forward edge 6.5” | Head Length 9.5” | Overall Length 23.2"
  • Steel: 1/4” oversized thickness 80CRV2
  • Finish: Titanium Cerakote
  • Handle: Black G-10 scales
  • Hardness: 58 HRC
  • Weight: 57.5 oz w/o scabbard (63 oz w/ scabbard)
  • Sheath: Leather Edge Cover
  • Features: Copper Tube Rivets

Death Dealer Battle Axe


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